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support Dental market daily work with innovative and reliable products that offer added value, and improve patient’s quality of life. Because oral health belongs in good hands.



Tokuyama Dental

Tokuyama Dental draws on nearly a century of accomplishments and knowledge to gain a competitive advantage in today’s dentistry. Operating on a global scale, our mission is to listen to your needs, incorporate your voice into the development of innovative products, and ensure our products meet the highest standards of quality. Tokuyama Dental is characterized by cuttingedge technology and developing specialty products that improve your daily life.



Ilumi fiber posts: Products have all unique characteristic and physical features to provide the best options for dentists to use the radioactive and light transmission and x ray visibility during the restorative procedures




Tecnoss Dental

 Tecnoss Dental s.r.l. is a marketing and export company, managing the international sales and marketing activities for the OsteoBiol® product line in the dental market worldwide. The first goals of Tecnoss® Dental is to develop and improve the clinical evidence of OsteoBiol® biomaterials by cooperating with several public and private research centers in various countries and to stimulate and sponsor educational activities in the field of bone and tissue regeneration. Tecnoss® Dental cooperates with specialized distributors based in over 60 nations to provide the best service to professionals who appreciate OsteoBiol® biomaterials as the most reliable choice for clinical success


Keystone Dental

Keystone Dental is an oral healthcare company that delivers advanced, easy-to-use implants, biomaterials and planning software for dental professionals focused on providing the most functional and most esthetically pleasing outcomes possible.


Medical Device


Osstell ISQ

Osstell is the global leader in implant stability measurement and osseointegration progress monitoring. Osstell was formed in 1999 to commercialize an invention using Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) to determine the clinical status of a dental implant.



WAM’X® was designed for posts removals and recently launched on the French market. WAM’s growth is mostly due to our determination to offer practitioners innovating and logical answers to real and daily problems. Our slogan: Always ahead of innovation!



AdDent Inc. is a dealer-oriented company located in the USA that manufactures high quality advanced dental products. Over the past 10 years we have been supplying major dental dealers located in the USA and overseas with our products.



DryShield combines the tasks of high-suction evacuator, saliva ejector, bite block, tongue shield, and oral pathway protector in one easy-to-use device. It’s an intelligent breakthrough in isolation, bringing ease and comfort to doctors and patients.


Eighteeth Dental

Eighteeth regards “Innovative, Dedicated and Professional” as our tenet. Only in few years, Eighteeth dental products are recommended by many professional dentists all over the world, exported to 129 has very unique product line that serve dental practice



QwikStrips are an interproximal solution for removing cement from in between teeth and also for creating the precise spacing needed (IPR) for minor tooth movement.



capture the whole number of monocytes in the PRF, to make it more active in stimulating bone grafts, but also to turn to a more rapid transformation of monocytes into macrophages to increase the effect bone stimulation.




Shutz Dental

 Schütz Dental GmbH was founded in 1962. It allows for the development of materials beyond the world of dentistry, as well as materials for the cosmetic and veterinary industries





 GluStitch Inc. is a growing and innovative supplier of purified medical/dental quality cyanoacrylates. Our mission is to provide the best indication-based cyanoacrylate formulations in the most user-friendly packaging for each of our markets.



Omnia is the leader company for disposable medical devices in Italy with its 60 agents’ network and is presence, through its dealers, in 50 countries all over the world; this goal is the peak of a history sprinkled with small and big success over the years.




Thienel Dental e.k.

High quality, service, flexibility and reliability in disposable items for dental practice, adapted to individual customer requirements.



Astek Innovations Limited is the UK’s premier producer of dental products. We deliver Quality, Performance and Value through our products and our customer service to distributors in more than 60 countries.





Alfred Becht work to combine experience, dental knowledge and new ideas to create smart products that help dentists, dental technicians and podiatrists all across the world to work better, and in safe and clean environment.

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