Arab Limited Group General commercial has been established in 2005 according to commercial law of the state of Kuwait .The scope of the company activities is general trading.

 The intention behind establishing Arab Limited Group has always been to provide luxury products to Kuwait society by means of specializing in the field of medical, pharmaceutical, health care & cosmetic products.

 It is located at Salmiya, Salem Al-Mubarak st., Area 27+30, Al-Hamra Building, 5th floor office no. 503T

 The company is marked by a proven record of success at in its accomplishment chosen fields. It represents international firms, acting as exclusive agent and distributor in Kuwait and gulf markets of their high quality products.

 Arab Limited Group presents 50 well motivated, trained expert team & led by expertly qualified and dynamic management who has efficiently guided the company workforce.

 The company has wide & diverse client base within Kuwait like hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and beauty salons.
 As part of our vision, we look forward to growing and expanding along with the demands for innovative ideas and new products, our company itself is expanding, introducing new firms for our ever growing areas.

 Arab Limited Group looks forward to a very challenging future, and makes the necessary preparations to equip itself for the many challenges and opportunities that it expects to create along the way.

 Arab Limited Group is proud of long lasting relationship with many international suppliers & local customers which enable us to develop a major market position in our principle product categories.


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